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How do I get initial access to my AV LinkPro device
Last Updated 11 months ago

CH-100 Systems use the network Routers Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
It is recommended that you set DHCP IP reservation in your network DHCP configuration.

LP-200, LP-360...Systems Connect eth0 (Single RJ45 Port*) on your ethernet network. You will need to find the system using an IP scanning tool

*The LP-360 model and RadPro models support 2 physical lan ports for advanced VLAN support.

*This tool is useful:

You will initially connect your device to a network with DHCP enabled and use an IP scanning tool to locate the AVLinkPro IP. 

Once you have identified the IP being used by the system

Open the following link with a browser
http://dhcp IP address:9090. Use the administrative login and password (Save it by checking the box)

Now go to network settings and change to  an IPV4 static IP and save the settings.

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