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My network changed - Should I reboot the AVLinkPro?
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The AVLinkPro systems should never be rebooted unless the IP cannot be pinged. If the unit cannot be pinged and its a CH-100, run an IP scanning tool (like this one) and see if its IP address changed. CH-100's are (DHCP only) and sometimes DHCP reservations are not setup correctly.

Be aware rebooting of an Avlinkpro, loses all logs and will make it more difficult to diagnose any issues.

CH-100 units are POE powered, the switch that its attached to should always have a UPS battery backup to maintain the connected PoE devices integrity.

It is not a good idea to reboot a network switch to update Crestron panels when a CH-100 is connected to the same switch.

There is nothing wrong with rebooting specific ports but not the whole switch. If this is a issue, then the CH-100 should be on its own dedicated PoE injector with a UPS built in.

We recommend this model:

In networking UPS backup units are a must.Failure to have a UPS backup with constant reboots and interruptions to the power source can void the systems warranty.

In the event a system is rebooted, Avlinkpro must come up first, before any panels or even the Crestron home processor.

If the home systems comes up first, the AVLinkPro SIPAHOY Platform Extension app will not register correctly and will be disabled in home. To fix this, the best option is to reboot the Crestron Home processor again.

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