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What can the CH-100 do in a Crestron Home Installation
Last Updated 5 months ago

The CH-100 has the ability to bridge most professional IP based SIP Video Intercoms to a Crestron Home solution. The system is designed to catalog and connect installed Crestron Touch Screen endpoints equipped with Crestron's RAVA SIP system.

Enabling features:

  1. Door Intercom early video/audio (So a user can preview a visitor before answering the caller)
  2. Make multiple connections (up to 8) from the video intercom on all touch screens at once
  3. Enable custom ring tones from video door intercoms to sound systems 
  4. Allow for audio paging to sound systems or panels directly
  5. Provides on-board 2 pole dry contact relay that can be triggered via IP
  6. Can be enhanced with future Crestron enabling software extensions
  7. Can be enhanced with Macro programming with additional Crestron SIMPL processor

       Enhanced features for Crestron Home include:

  1.          Panel to Panel intercom communication
  2.          Quick action buttons for paging
  3.          Quick action routines allowing for Voicemail at each endpoint
  4.          Quick action routines to trigger 3rd party relays through DTMF                                   

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