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Please note that we provide the first hour of support at no charge for all AVLinkPro devices. We are not responsible for network issues, inability to have someone on site or with remote access for service appointment or issues with other hardware products that could cause additional time needed for support call.

Support Services are provided by advance appointment during weekday hours of 11:00AM -5:00PM EST, arrangements can be made for extended service hours for time zones outside of North America.

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Help with Crestron Integration


  1. Provide technical person/s contact information including Name, Email and Cell or onsite phone number.
  2. Initially setup AVLinkPro server onto the internet with a fixed or reserved IP address. 
  3. Be able to provide a computer or laptop at the site of installation with TeamViewer installed.
  4. Gather all Crestron panel IP addresses before scheduled support call.

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